Hey! What are you looking there? Have you never seen a person eating before huh?master told to his servant.

     A servant named hyari was looking at the door of the kitchen. The master was eating food. There was a little amount of rice and a lot of vegetables.seeing that hyari was feeling amazed as he was born in poor family he had never seen a lot of food. He thought what the master will eat tomorrow and they after tomorrow and being that rich why he is eating little amount of rice?.

        Master finished his food and he went to wash his hands. The little amount of

food was left in his hand.He served that food to dog and Hyari thought that its better to be dog at least we can eat food.

          don’t look like that to my dog. Master replied!

           Hyari fatherTakes care of masters house. So hyari also goes there he sees all the think different from his house.

        Hyari father had admitted hyari to school . In the afternoon his friends plays football but his friends never allow him to play with them because he was poor.

            One day he asked his grandma why we are poor?

         And she replied god made us poor.

         why god made us poor? He replied!

         Grandma told god writes luck in our forehead and if he had written bad luck then we will be poor and he had good luck then we will be rich.

           He was not satisfied with the answer and he again asked to his father and his father replied we should never give other to write our luck. If we give others to write our luck then we will never be happy.

     We should write our luck by ourselves. We should do a lot of struggle to achieve our dreams. Father replied!

    And again hyari asked his father! Father you do a lot of work then master but why you are poor?

Father replied! Yes i do but i only knew how to do work i never knew how to add work and luck so doing a lot of job also makes me poor. The person who do a lot of work doesn’t have a lot of properties. So now its time to change and now we should start adding work and luck.

Listening all the things of his father he started to add work and luck.

Time passes and they also became rich.

Hope you guys liked it😊❤️


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